Customers Comments

We have been trying very hard since 2004 to provide an excellent service, ulcers are bad enough on there own without having to put up with perfunctory attitudes. Our aim is to help free people from the horrid curse of mouth ulcers.

Here is a random selection of comments from our brilliant customers:

Your site is a God-send. Thank you. G Jackson

Does similar job to Corsidol without destroying your taste buds. Recommended to me by my hygienist, it is excellent. Only downside is its not more widely available. Sam Sam

This item is good and it does what it says on the bottle plus its cheaper than buying it at the dentist, plus using with an electric toothbrush the dentist doesn't have to do as much cleaning as before. It also seems to stop mouth ulcers as well. Tracy

Boy am I glad I found you on the net. All the treatments I have tried so far work really well and better than anything I've yet to find in a chemists shop or supermarket. Keep up the good work and FAST despatch. S Finlay

Wow what fabulous fast service. I am so pleased to have found Frador available for New Zealand. It was great to find your website - it's the only product that works super fast on mouth ulcers. Tina C

Thanks for dealing with my order so quickly. Since I started with the Squigle toothpaste I am certainly getting much fewer mouth ulcers, and when I do get them they seem to now be disappearing more quickly. C Lee

I have been using Frador for years, yes it hurts like hell when you first put it on but its worth it, as I have found nothing else that gets rid of my mouth ulsers so fast. I have tried other things as I was hoping not to have that initial pain, but none of them works as well. Moira

I haven't had an ulcer since using Squigle. Alison B

I want to thank and Dom. Life changing products. Really. I get ulcers quite often and have to cope with the annoying (ness) of them, the pain and the look! Now, with these products, no longer!!!! Good luck my friends. and... THANK YOU. Jane D

I have been using Squigle toothpaste for approximately 6 months and have not had an outbreak since! This is not just a coincidence. I would have normally had many many breakouts within 6 months. In addition, I was also struggling with random flare-ups of dermatitis. I saw a cosmetic dermatologist and he couldn't explain or treat what what was happening. Well, just as Squigle advertised, it has also cured my dermatitis! So, SLS has been the cause behind my dermatitis and recurring mouth uclers. I have since switched to all SLS-free products, which has completely changed my life. Kerry

I just used the Oralmedic Mouth Ulcer Treatment and it worked great. Robert

Just wanted to say that continued use of this product had transformed my mouth and there has been no mega breakouts. There can be the odd tingle if I find myself suffering from work related stress but I then use it a couple of extra times a day and that seems to sort it. Terri M

Thanks for your advice. As you suggested, I bought a tube of Enamel Saver toothpaste abouth a month ago, and where I used to have at least one mouth ulcer in my mouth at any one time, I've not had a single one since! Great stuff and I'm delighted you recommended it - thanks again. Angela B

Hi! I've been using gengigel, both the mouthwash and the gel thanks to the use of this site. I've found it quite helpful and soothing. It stops the accidental bites from turning into ulcers. Linda

XyliMelts are so much more effective for my dry mouth than the artificial saliva gel, and are especially helpful at night. P Pope

I started using Squigle for perioral dermatitis and it's been amazing - no problems any more and it's really good toothpaste. Janice S

Canker Cover works. It's like this little pill that goes on your canker sore and seals itself there. After about 30 minutes it turns into this gel covering that is literally stuck to the canker sore. It last for 8-12 hours. I mean that's so many hours of relief when you're a sufferer like us. And here's the absolute BEST PART!! Usually it only takes one patch to cure the sores. Lisa

Great website !! It is the reason I don't suffer anywhere near as much as I used to! C Bromley

The mouth ulcers run in my family so i'm of the opinion that i just have to live with the fact that i get them. However when i get a batch o ulcers i put Oralmedic on them n hey presto its like theyre not there. Oralmedic has been a great find for me. Doesnt stop them but takes away the pain. R Miller

The Squigle Tooth Builder toothpaste arrived this morning and I have just tried it - this is exactly what I have been looking for and need! I can't thank you enough. A Lee