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We have been trying very hard since 2004 to provide an excellent service, ulcers are bad enough on there own without having to put up with perfunctory attitudes. Our aim is to help free people from the horrid curse of mouth ulcers.

Here is a random selection of comments from our brilliant customers:

I am absolutely amazed with this website as i have found a products which i could not find anywhere else, also it offers very wide range of products for mouth ulcers. Very very fast delivery, received my order next day and thats before christmas. Very pleased and would recommend. Mischa

I congratulate you on a great website. Oralmedic works brilliantly for me ? although it stings so badly it makes me cry when I put it on, the end result is that I can get on with life, eating and talking pain free and forget about the ulcer. Karin R

I've suffered from mouth ulcers for many years and am delighted to have discovered BYE MOUTH ULCER. It's painless to apply - there's no painful stinging sensation. You can see it working it's like magic - putting a protective layer over the top of the ulcer. As soon as I feel an ulcer starting, I apply it at once and it stops the ulcer progressing. It's so gentle I use it on my three year old son. It's great, as we can both eat almost straight after applying without any discomfort. Mandy T

LOVE the canker covers! I have struggled with terrible ulcers all over my mouth for many years. My husband went out and bought these, I applied them and couldn't believe what a difference they made! My sores are gone! Carrie

The service was first class, from start to finish. Xylimelts are "doing what it says on the tin" whilst using my CPAP machine they are giving up to 6 hours moisture, so well worth the money. Eric W

I have suffered with mouth ulcers for over 30 years and in my opinion, the best remedy by far is FRADOR. It may sting for a couple of seconds when first applied to the ulcer, but the relief it gives is amazing and the ulcers usually disappear after a couple of days.. I wouldn't use anything else. It's brilliant stuff! John Norbury

Great product to keep in your handbag, they really work and I would buy them again. Great minty taste and leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh. J Doe

Really like the toothpaste. It's gentle, but teeth and gums feel really clean. No strong taste either. No more mouth ulcers ??. So far! Carole

I have been using Frador for years, yes it hurts like hell when you first put it on but its worth it, as I have found nothing else that gets rid of my mouth ulsers so fast. I have tried other things as I was hoping not to have that initial pain, but none of them works as well. Moira

I have been using with great success Gengigel and Curasept oral rinse. Curasept is an alcohol free, pleasant tasting chlorhexidine rinse. I rinse morning and night with Curasept and use Gengigel three times a day. Now ulcer free. Susan P

I used Oralmedic for the first time recently and found it to be superb, I only came back to this site to tell other people about it! Johnny H

This product does exactly what it says it will do. I was most impressed and would not hesitate to recommend it. Liz

Thanks very much again, your site has been such a help! Victor S

I highly recommend the XyliMelts for Dry Mouth. I have the auto immune illness Sjogren's Syndrome which is a disgusting illness and l use these at night as they allow me to get some sleep otherwise l am woken up every 2 hours with dreadful sore mouth as l cannot make saliva due to the illness. Johnstone W

I was a bit dubious at first because they look and taste like mints but they made my whole mouth feel better and stopped the redness. Sarah C

I believe these really help. I had a monster crop of ulcers appear just before Christmas , after a couple of days they got bad and I was expecting 5 days of oral torture, but no!, next day they were getting better and have now gone, in less than a week! Now, here's the strange thing, I wouldn't say I have more energy particularly, but the Avamin melts seem to help me wake up earlier in the morning. Gez

I am also using Avamin Melts daily. Vitamin B12, as it appears in most supplements, must first be processed by the liver before becoming usable by human cells. Avamin Melts are a form of bioactive B12 similar to its state after being processed in the human liver. I had a very large ulcer on the inside of my cheek for about 3 weeks (as well as a few others) and since using these not only has the ulcer healed but no others have appeared. Doug in Oz

Wow what fabulous fast service. I am so pleased to have found Frador it's the only product that works super fast on mount ulcers. Tina

Squigle has been a miracle cure so far, and has had an amazing impact on my mouth ulcers, I hope it never runs out or is discontinued. P Miles

Just finished my first week of taking L-lysine, and I am amazed by the results! After 15 years of pain, with up to 30 or so ulcers at a time (almost continuously) I have finally found something that actually helps. After the first few days the ulcers were not painful anymore, and the tingles that started went before they came to anything ....thanks from a guy who almost gave up hope. Stu H