Customers Comments

We have been trying very hard since 2004 to provide an excellent service, ulcers are bad enough on there own without having to put up with perfunctory attitudes. Our aim is to help free people from the horrid curse of mouth ulcers.

Here is a random selection of comments from our brilliant customers:

Works like a charm, thanks. Matt C

Can't thank you enough for such an efficient service. I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy about 4-5 weeks ago and my mouth remains ulcerated - nothing else seems to have helped. S Carr

This gel has given me the fredom to eat what I want - and finally after three decades my mouth is pain-free! Julia

Really like the toothpaste. It's gentle, but teeth and gums feel really clean. No strong taste either. No more mouth ulcers ??. So far! Carole

I congratulate you on a great website. Oralmedic works brilliantly for me ? although it stings so badly it makes me cry when I put it on, the end result is that I can get on with life, eating and talking pain free and forget about the ulcer. Karin R

I have recently been diagnosed with Sjogrens syndrome, using Squigle toothpaste has made a huge difference to the health of my mouth. M Miller

Oralmedic is the most amazing mouth ulcer treatment to date. After suffering from severe mouth ulcers for years and years I was so relieved to discover the product. The product is pricely BUT it really does work. So as far as I am concerned, if it works instantly then its worth every penny. Try it - you wont be dissapointed. Senay

LOVE the canker covers! I have struggled with terrible ulcers all over my mouth for many years. My husband went out and bought these, I applied them and couldn't believe what a difference they made! My sores are gone! Carrie

You're wasting your time with anything other than Oralmedic. It cauterises the ulcer therefore sealing the nerve endings. One treatment stops pain immediately. Emma

Frador is the best thing out there. Emma K

I am absolutely amazed with this website as i have found a products which i could not find anywhere else, also it offers very wide range of products for mouth ulcers. Very very fast delivery, received my order next day and thats before christmas. Very pleased and would recommend. Mischa

Wow what fabulous fast service. I am so pleased to have found Frador it's the only product that works super fast on mount ulcers. Tina

My doctor told me to use Squigle. Believe me or not, after using this toothpaste for three weeks, I am completely free of mouth ulcers. An ulcer appeared once but disappeared soon leaving no pain. Mahfuz K

I have been using Frador for years, yes it hurts like hell when you first put it on but its worth it, as I have found nothing else that gets rid of my mouth ulsers so fast. I have tried other things as I was hoping not to have that initial pain, but none of them works as well. Moira

This website - only found by me this morning - is so damned good that I want to pin a medal on Dom's chest. Simon

I have been using with great success Gengigel and Curasept oral rinse. Curasept is an alcohol free, pleasant tasting chlorhexidine rinse. I rinse morning and night with Curasept and use Gengigel three times a day. Now ulcer free. Susan P

The canker covers work great, I wasted one because I couldn't get it to stick on my tongue and but then found a method of lying with my head back so that my tongue would be more dry. Mish L

I have started taking Lysine tablets twice a day. OMG!!! IT WORKS! I still have ulcers pop up here and there but they never turn into what they have in the past. IF YOU ARE SUFFERING FROM MOUTH ULCERS TRY TAKING LYSINE TABLETS (500 MG) TWICE A DAY! What do you have to lose?? For me they have been a blessing! Thanks to Dom that offered that advice, you have made my life sooo much easier :) Deejay

I discovered Squigle toothpaste 3 or 4 years ago and it is really good the number of ulcers has been significantly reduced. Occasionally I try ordinary toothpastes but after using them for a few days the ulcers return. Judy

I want to thank you for your excellent website and?your recommendations.?I am not exaggerating at all when I say that this toothpaste and the advice of your website has changed my life. J McGowan