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UltraDex Oral Rinse + Fluoride 500ml - image

UltraDex Oral Rinse + Fluoride 500ml

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One 30 Second Rinse Daily. UltraDex Oral Rinse + Fluoride Mouthwash 500ml

UltraDex mouthwash contains CloSYSII, a patented form of chlorine dioxide, which attacks volatile sulfur compounds making breath odour free.

UltraDex does not contain alcohol and does not stain teeth.

Whether conducting business, playing with friends, or spending time with that special loved one, you can rest at ease with UltraDex mouthwash. UltraDex oral rinse is unflavored but if you prefer a fresh mint taste simply squeeze the contents of the flavour sachet into the bottle. Securely close the lid and shake the contents. Aqua, Trisodium Phosphate, Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Chloride
Flavour Sachet Ingredients: Aroma.




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