2 treatment pack


Currently not available, allegedly the earliest replenishment date is October.

BOOM! Kill mouth ulcers with one application

Oralmedic is a one hit application eliminating the mouth ulcer pain, and after a few days or so all sign of it is gone.

Each pack contains two applications, consisting of two normal cotton buds and two Oralmedic ones. Simply snap one end of an Oralmedic stick to allow it to permeate the cotton bud, dry the ulcer with the normal cotton bud, then apply the Oralmedic. As well as pain relief within seconds Oralmedic seals the infected area, so promoting natural healing.

The packs are nice and light so it is cost effective for mailing overseas. It is perfectly OK for us to mail it to you for your own use, where ever you are.

How does it actually work?

  • Oralmedic contains a patented formulation derived from HYBENX™ technology. HYBENX formulations are selective in removing damaged oral mucosal tissues from the ulcer site after application.
  • Oralmedic reacts in seconds with the damaged tissue to create a seal or barrier over the site, thus facilitating the healing process and preventing further infection.
  • Oralmedic extracts water from damaged tissues and creates a seal. This protects the site, preventing contamination and aids the healing process.

Ingredients: Hydroxybenzenesulphonic acid, hydroxymethoxybenzenesulphonic acid, sulphuric acid, water, FD&C Red 40.

The mouth ulcers run in my family so i'm of the opinion that i just have to live with the fact that i get them. However when i get a batch o ulcers i put Oralmedic on them n hey presto its like theyre not there. Oralmedic has been a great find for me. Doesnt stop them but takes away the pain. R Miller

Dom says   It was years ago now when I was first talking to Reg Dupre about Debacterol. This stuff really does work. How effective it is, is directly related to how well you apply it: practice the movements first so you get it right first time (I mean it, this is important). You need to get the ulcer dry and then coated, and you do not want to get Oralmedic all over the rest of your mouth either. Once you hit the spot it will smart like the Holy Mother of smarting things, but not for very long, thereafter rinse your mouth and if you did it right no more pain and the ulcer will be gone in a couple of days. I think you would want to strike early, by the time an ulcer has become a gargantuan crater with a ravine at the bottom poking about with a dry cotton bud may be too much, let alone the Oralmedic one!


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