How to Order

We have tried really hard to make this process as easy-peasy as possible so if your eyes are streaming from the pain of terrible ulcers it will be quick and easy:

1. Simply enter the quantity of required products into the spaces marked quantity in the form on the home page, or on the individual product pages.

2. Select a delivery method.

You should see the subtotal and delivery costs and the total. If your device does not support JavaScript then these may not appear, but, you can still place your order (you will see the figures on the next page).

3. Click on Proceed with Order.

You should now be presented with a list of your items the sub total, type and cost of delivery and the total.

4. Enter your contact and delivery details into the small form.

You can select Remember me to store your details for use again next time, this information is saved on your computer or device, so best not tick this if it is not yours (e.g. if you are in an internet cafe).

If you have any specific delivery instructions, such as "Please leave in garage if out", or need to specify a colour or hard/soft bristles, this can be done in the Instructions & comments box.

5. Click on Proceed to Card Transaction.

The next page should present you with a card payment form, this is performed by SecPay(PayPoint) and is a secure encrypted process, I do not ever see or record your card details, they are not stored on this webserver.

6. Select your payment card or type: Visa and Mastercard credit/debit cards and their derivatives, Switch, Delta, Solo, JCB (I thought this was a kind of mechanical digger!) and American Express.

If you choose to pay by PayPal then once selected the form will automatically take you to the PayPal log in page.

7. Enter your name and card details.

8. Click on Confirm Payment.

If you have enrolled with Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode then you will be directed to another page from your card company in order to enter your password/passcode.

Hopefully that is it and your payment went through smoothly and you now have a page confirming receipt of your order. You will receive an automatic email from PayPoint and from me confirming your order. A bit later you will receive a personal email from me to notify you of the despatch of your order.

Not working?

If the online process isn't working for you, or you prefer to talk to a real person, then orders by card can be taken over the phone. Please call 0800 612 8806 (international +44 2392 984034).  If we can't pick up please do leave a message and we'll call you back.


  • All prices are shown in pounds sterling (GBP).
  • We can only process cheques in pounds sterling drawn on British banks.
  • Transactions by credit and debit cards will be undertaken in sterling (GBP) the exchange rate (if applicable) will be that of your issuing bank.

My wife gets some relief from her ulcers and we often buy goods from this site. service is excellent. Akif