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VITIS Implant Sulcular

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Narrow 2 Row Bristle Brush VITIS® Implant / Sulcular is a state of the art brush designed to more easily access the gum line and protect dental implants during cleaning.
VITIS® Implant / Sulcular is specially designed to remove oral biofilm from the gingival sulcus and the peri-implant soft tissue margin.

This brush is suitable for oral hygiene in orthodontic and implant patients.
  • The VITIS implant sulcular brush is especially indicated for removing bacterial plaque (oral biofilm) from the gingival sulcus (gum line) and from the peri-implant sulcus, areas that require meticulous bacterial plaque control.
  • It is also indicated for hygiene in areas of the oral cavity where there are implants or in orthodontic appliance wearers.




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