Ultra Soft Toothbrush


Ultra Soft Toothbrush

Curasept CS 5460 ultra soft

The most gentle toothbrushes known to man!

When it comes to protection against cavities and periodontitis, the most important aspect of the CS 5460 has to be its bristles. They’re unbelievably fine, just 0.1 millimetres across, and rounded at the ends. What’s more, they’re not made from nylon, but Curen®, which makes them especially effective.

The bristles are so fine that they are referred to as filaments. Standard toothbrushes may have 1000 but these brushes boast an impressive 5460 filaments, densely packed together. This creates a cleaning surface like no other, all on an ultra-compact, easily angled head: so you can reach every bit of your mouth.


Dom says   We are asked quite often about supplying really soft and gentle toothbrushes, well these brushes from Curaprox are as gentle as they come without sacrificing effective plaque removal.


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