Customers Comments

We have been trying very hard since 2004 to provide an excellent service, ulcers are bad enough on there own without having to put up with perfunctory attitudes. Our aim is to help free people from the horrid curse of mouth ulcers.

Here is a random selection of comments from our brilliant customers:

Problem solved; after years and years and years of searching for something that will instantly and permanently KILL OFF mouth ulcers at last the solution - ORALMEDIC. Brian

Lysine is the answer! 5 days aster starting it I am ulcer free for the first time in 6 months! Belinda

Thank you Dom. Great site and great service to the countless sufferers of ulcers. Richard

First of all i would say the the amount of products and the range that sell are fantastic. Today, my 'oralmedic' mouth ulcer treatment arrived, at first i wasn't sure thinking will this work, etc. but oh my days, this product is fantastic. A Mazing

I strongly recommend those who have canker sores or mouth ulcers to use Squigle. This toothpaste is really, really good. I no longer fight the 10-year-old disease and spend money on drugs or oral solutions. Thanks to the doctor who invented this wonderful toothpaste. M Khan

I'd like to take the opportunity to say thanks for the great service you provide at the Mouth Ulcers Shop. Richard W

Can't thank you enough for such an efficient service. I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy about 4-5 weeks ago and my mouth remains ulcerated - nothing else seems to have helped. S Carr

Can't thank you enough for such an efficient service. I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy about 4-5 weeks ago and my mouth remains ulcerated - nothing else seems to have helped. S Carr

Try Oralmedic it's brill! It really does stop the pain, can't rate it enough. Kirsty

I am a lichen planus sufferer und you and your website have been a life saver for me. Helga K

I am also using Avamin Melts daily. Vitamin B12, as it appears in most supplements, must first be processed by the liver before becoming usable by human cells. Avamin Melts are a form of bioactive B12 similar to its state after being processed in the human liver. I had a very large ulcer on the inside of my cheek for about 3 weeks (as well as a few others) and since using these not only has the ulcer healed but no others have appeared. Doug in Oz

I really appreciate the fast response. The website is really good also. Lots of great information! So far haven't been able to the find any products that work as well as yours. Bob

My 8 year old has been using Gengigel mouthrinse and gel which our dentist recommended and which is available in Boots. The results are great it seems to reduce the pain quickly and make them heal quicker in a matter of a few days. Rachel

I thought I'd take the plunge and order some Squigle, as curently toothpaste and I have fallen out - big time. I ordered it at 4pm yesterday afternoon and the postie has alreadyknocked my door like a visiting angel armed with my order! Stephanie

Curaprox Curasept Mouthwash is a great product. Didn't buy for this reason, but my teeth are whiter than they've been for 20 years. My teeth tend to be very sensitive and this has helped tremendously. Rose L

Thank you for your quick service, you will be pleased to know the Enamel Saver toothpaste is doing its job and is a great product to use, I will definitely not use anything else, I am recommending this to all my family and friends. Shabana A

I found the mouth ulcer web site really helpful especially as it alerted me to Squigle tooth paste. I used to get Mouth ulcers all the time but not had one since I started using it. H Holden

Gengigel Gel is excellent and has cleared up my ulcers. I was reccommended it by the dental hospital at Newcastle and it has really worked for me. Thomas

I have suffered with mouth ulcers for over 30 years and in my opinion, the best remedy by far is FRADOR. It may sting for a couple of seconds when first applied to the ulcer, but the relief it gives is amazing and the ulcers usually disappear after a couple of days.. I wouldn't use anything else. It's brilliant stuff! John Norbury

Squigle toothpaste is really helping with my sensitive teeth whilst not causing any mouth ulcers! M Chapman