Customers Comments

We have been trying very hard since 2004 to provide an excellent service, ulcers are bad enough on there own without having to put up with perfunctory attitudes. Our aim is to help free people from the horrid curse of mouth ulcers.

Here is a random selection of comments from our brilliant customers:

Thank you so much for such prompt service I only ordered late yesterday afternoon and it has arrived this morning you couldn't get any better service. M Stewart

I came into contact with Bye Mouth Ulcer! when my dentist advised me to use this product for my chronic mouth ulcers. I started using the product immediately and after three days most of my ulcers were gone. After a week they were all gone, I was free from pain and could finally drink and eat without the annoying pain. I am very happy to finally have found a solution to treat my mouth ulcers. Chris Steen

This gel has given me the fredom to eat what I want - and finally after three decades my mouth is pain-free! Julia

This product based on hyaluronic acid was recommended to me by my Dentist. I have had excellent results with it, as it seems to heal my ulcers very quickly and certainly takes away the pain. I have tried everything else available having suffered from recurrent ulcers for 10 years and Gengigel is the best product I have tried for healing and pain relief. Tom

A life-changing, voice-saving, talk-enabling, mouth-sweetening, lasting, GODSEND. K. E.

Curasept is a very good mouthwash. It cleans with the power of chlorohexadine but doesn't have the same burning sensation which makes the whole brushing regime a lot more comfortable. Derek

Works like a charm, thanks. Matt C

I tried oralmedic on Saturday on a little cluster of 3 of the blighters all in one spot that was causing me a right pain in the back of my mouth and it really does work. It tasted really bitter but after an hour or so there was no pain at all and I could hardly feel them, absolute bliss. M Gibbs

As a GP and ulcer sufferer for many years I've been recommending your site. 20+ years of medical education certainly didn't teach me any good way of avoiding them. Dr John R

Lysine is the answer! 5 days aster starting it I am ulcer free for the first time in 6 months! Belinda

ALL my mouth problems disappeared after using the Enamel Saver. Jonathan E

It's a challenge to put on first but the way I do it, which is contrary to the recommendation is I actually wipe the sore dry with some tissue paper. Then once it's dry, I put the patch with the soft side facing the sore so I can kinda slide/wiggle it in for a good stick. Hold it for 20 seconds and then immediately try to hold water in my mouth without trying to move the area with the patch. I do this so that the exposed side of the patch gets wet and won't try to stick to the opposing side of where you placed it. That's it, it's done. C M

I have been using with great success Gengigel and Curasept oral rinse. Curasept is an alcohol free, pleasant tasting chlorhexidine rinse. I rinse morning and night with Curasept and use Gengigel three times a day. Now ulcer free. Susan P

Very impressive service. P Smith

So far these have been completely effective for me. I highly recommend giving this product a try for those people whose quality of life is seriously affected by awful canker sores. K. E.

Oralmedic is the most amazing mouth ulcer treatment to date. After suffering from severe mouth ulcers for years and years I was so relieved to discover the product. The product is pricely BUT it really does work. So as far as I am concerned, if it works instantly then its worth every penny. Try it - you wont be dissapointed. Senay

I make a repeat order and it always works like magic. The service and the products are 1st class, as is the competitive pricing I wouldn't go anywhere else. JB

The Mouth Ulcers Shop is god sent for perennial suffers like me. Great products on sale. B Charya

You recommended Squigle on your site and since I started using it, I have had no ulcers. J Kofoed

I have also recently started using Gengigel abd have found it to be very good. If I feel an ulcer starting I take Lysine and use the Gengigel and so far it has actually stopped them forming which is just brilliant. Thanks to all you guys for these tips Morticia