Customers Comments

We have been trying very hard since 2004 to provide an excellent service, ulcers are bad enough on there own without having to put up with perfunctory attitudes. Our aim is to help free people from the horrid curse of mouth ulcers.

Here is a random selection of comments from our brilliant customers:

Great website !! It is the reason I don't suffer anywhere near as much as I used to! C Bromley

I have found the gengigel really effective. S Coats

Just wanted to let you know that the Squiigle toothpaste is doing great. Since using it, I have been completely ulcer free. I had suffered quite badly for years. Vanessa L

Try Oralmedic it's brill! It really does stop the pain, can't rate it enough. Kirsty

Squigle has been a miracle cure so far, and has had an amazing impact on my mouth ulcers, I hope it never runs out or is discontinued. P Miles

I use one Avamin melt every day to prevent new sores, and I haven't had one since. You just stick the small red disk to your tooth and let it dissolve - no pain, no taste, and no cankers! I love this product. Michael A

Thanks for dealing with my order so quickly. Since I started with the Squigle toothpaste I am certainly getting much fewer mouth ulcers, and when I do get them they seem to now be disappearing more quickly. C Lee

Very impressive service. P Smith

Oraldiet is great for making the mouth feel clean and fresh. V Adams

This product does exactly what it says it will do. I was most impressed and would not hesitate to recommend it. Liz

It's now eight days since the one off application of Oralmedic and all i can say is *WOW* the ulcer has now gone. Don't get me wrong. The healing time has remained the same, for me that's usually 9 to 10 days but from the initial application to the finish of this ulcer episode, completely pain and all the rest that comes with an ulcer, free. Jim C

Just to let you know I cant believe the difference in my mouth ulcers since using the Squigle toothpaste, as I told you on the phone I have tried everything available over the past 11 years and have finally found something that actually works! I am a new woman! Helen M

Frador is the best thing out there. Emma K

I tried oralmedic on Saturday on a little cluster of 3 of the blighters all in one spot that was causing me a right pain in the back of my mouth and it really does work. It tasted really bitter but after an hour or so there was no pain at all and I could hardly feel them, absolute bliss. M Gibbs

Curasept is a very good mouthwash. It cleans with the power of chlorohexadine but doesn't have the same burning sensation which makes the whole brushing regime a lot more comfortable. Derek

Your site is a God-send. Thank you. G Jackson

The Canker Cover is a really good product. While I've not yet found a single application to heal a mouth ulcer, when used over approximately 4 days with one cover used each day they do speed the healing significantly and almost completely prevent the sore from being irritated while doing so. Congratulations on providing an excellent product for UK consumers. J Spanton

Oralmedic is ****** fantastic. Kills them dead. Sam F

Thanks for all the help and advice, you are a great company, well done. M Durling

The Mouth Ulcers shop provide a great range of products and a very fast and efficient service. I feel I'm much more on top of problems than before. Also love the squigle toothpaste! TD