Customers Comments

We have been trying very hard since 2004 to provide an excellent service, ulcers are bad enough on there own without having to put up with perfunctory attitudes. Our aim is to help free people from the horrid curse of mouth ulcers.

Here is a random selection of comments from our brilliant customers:

Just to let you know I cant believe the difference in my mouth ulcers since using the Squigle toothpaste, as I told you on the phone I have tried everything available over the past 11 years and have finally found something that actually works! I am a new woman! Helen M

XyliMelts are easy for me to put in position, and they actually stay. They really help me. I've suffered from dry mouth for over 20 years and XyliMelts are the most effective products I've ever used. Vicki

First of all i would say the the amount of products and the range that sell are fantastic. Today, my 'oralmedic' mouth ulcer treatment arrived, at first i wasn't sure thinking will this work, etc. but oh my days, this product is fantastic. A Mazing

This gel has given me the fredom to eat what I want - and finally after three decades my mouth is pain-free! Julia

Squiggle has transformed my life!? While using it I have had no ulcers at all. R Wilkes

Amazing service. Have searched everywhere for Frador. From ordering to arrival was less than 20 hours. Why can't all online shops be like this? Barry P

Wow what fabulous fast service. I am so pleased to have found Frador it's the only product that works super fast on mount ulcers. Tina

Boy does it sting, but it works! Oralmedic is a brilliant remedy. Christine F

The Mouth Ulcers shop provide a great range of products and a very fast and efficient service. I feel I'm much more on top of problems than before. Also love the squigle toothpaste! TD

I want to thank and Dom. Life changing products. Really. I get ulcers quite often and have to cope with the annoying (ness) of them, the pain and the look! Now, with these products, no longer!!!! Good luck my friends. and... THANK YOU. Jane D

Oral medic is the only thing that works. Application for 10-15 seconds provides instant relief. I have found that applying oralmedic to the ulcer brings the glands right down overnight and I wake up so much happier. I wish there was more product I'm each box, but it's genuinely the only thing that has ever worked for me. Shortie

Thank you Dom. Great site and great service to the countless sufferers of ulcers. Richard

Can't thank you enough for such an efficient service. I had chemotherapy and radiotherapy about 4-5 weeks ago and my mouth remains ulcerated - nothing else seems to have helped. S Carr

It's a challenge to put on first but the way I do it, which is contrary to the recommendation is I actually wipe the sore dry with some tissue paper. Then once it's dry, I put the patch with the soft side facing the sore so I can kinda slide/wiggle it in for a good stick. Hold it for 20 seconds and then immediately try to hold water in my mouth without trying to move the area with the patch. I do this so that the exposed side of the patch gets wet and won't try to stick to the opposing side of where you placed it. That's it, it's done. C M

My hygienist, who is aware that I suffer from a dry mouth, gave me a sample of the Xylimelts. They are extremely effective and I think they are brilliant! Myra B

I use Cankermelts-GX as sold in the Mouth Ulcer Shop. I have always suffered from mouth ulcers, really huge, massively painful ones, and these things are the only thing that helps. As soon as I get that tell-tale twinge on the inside of the lip, cheek, or back of the throat, I put one of these discs on, and it prevents the ulcer from getting to that excrutiating, crater stage. Jo

Thank you for dispatching Frador tincture so quickly. Very efficient! I am delighted to get Frador again for me it is the only thing that works! P Yerburgh

You recommended Squigle on your site and since I started using it, I have had no ulcers. J Kofoed

I tried oralmedic and yes it is so painful you could willingly jump off the nearest tall building! Just wait about 30 secs tho and the paiin completely disappears - its like magic! Jackie T

I have been using Squigle for years and will continue to do so. It's reduced the amount of ulcers I get to only a couple year instead of many a month and they are no way near as painful as they use to be. Highly Recommended. A Guest