Customers Comments

We have been trying very hard since 2004 to provide an excellent service, ulcers are bad enough on there own without having to put up with perfunctory attitudes. Our aim is to help free people from the horrid curse of mouth ulcers.

Here is a random selection of comments from our brilliant customers:

Hi i av experienced mouth ulcers constantly for the last 6 months and have tried everything to which nothing has worked, until today, oralmedic is fantastic. Lel

Avamin melts seem to relax the skin all around my tongue. Ethan

ORALMEDIC. I have been getting ulcers regular and i now swear by this stuff. Its a cotton bud, you snap 1 end and allow the liquid to flow into the cotton bud at the otherend, when it soaks it up you put it on the ulcer, it stings like hell for a few minutes but it DOES WORK. FJC

Frador is excellent,I find it only stings a little when you 1st put it on but the relief lasts for hours. Frances

Squigle has been a miracle cure so far, and has had an amazing impact on my mouth ulcers, I hope it never runs out or is discontinued. P Miles

Only ever get a cold sore when I run out of Coldstick! Just ordered 10 should last me a while! Michelle C

Fantastic service. Automated response so you always know your order has been logged and personal dispatch email is usually straight after. Best online shopping experience. Paxutd

Words cannot express how you have changed my life! I discovered your site about 4 months ago and read about SLS. I switched to Enamel Saver I have been free of sores ever since. On behalf of myself and no doubt thousands of others, THANK YOU! Jodi H

Really like the toothpaste. It's gentle, but teeth and gums feel really clean. No strong taste either. No more mouth ulcers ??. So far! Carole

Just thought I'd tell you all I suffer with horrific mouth ulcers the pain is incredible, but I've just tried Oralmedic and it's amazing! Hurts like he'll but it's fixed it I've just eaten a bacon butty with brown sauce (yes! Brown sauce!!) and I didn't feel a thing! Get to the chemist now! X Laura

The best up to yet I have tried is a sunstance called Frador. It comes in a red box, and is a red liquid which you dip a cotton bud in, apply the cotton bud which is soaked in the liquid onto the mouth ulcer direct, it will butn for a while, but this seems the best up to yet. Lisa

I have been buying from the Mouth Ulcers Shop for several years now and the service is first class. Very personal and nothing is too much trouble. It's your online equivalent of the friendly local corner shop whilst remaining competitive and efficient. Give them a try, you'll love it. Tony P

Such great service, speedy delivery and products that really work! A huge thank you from me...... my mouth has never felt less sore. Kay C

I thought I'd take the plunge and order some Squigle, as curently toothpaste and I have fallen out - big time. I ordered it at 4pm yesterday afternoon and the postie has alreadyknocked my door like a visiting angel armed with my order! Stephanie

Fantastic service, I shall be recommending you to all my friends and family. K Dow

Wow what fabulous fast service. I am so pleased to have found Frador it's the only product that works super fast on mount ulcers. Tina

Thank goodness for the Mouthulcer Shop long may you be in business I would recommend anyone suffering from mouth ulcers to try the products. I have always received the goods within a day or two and have neve experienced any problems. Thank you. Judy

I've suffered from mouth ulcers since I can remember and the only thing that works for me is FRADOR. If it is applied correctly gets rid of mouth ulcers within a day! Honestly it works!Hurts like hell when applied but works. Tez

My hygienist, who is aware that I suffer from a dry mouth, gave me a sample of the Xylimelts. They are extremely effective and I think they are brilliant! Myra B

I want to thank and Dom. Life changing products. Really. I get ulcers quite often and have to cope with the annoying (ness) of them, the pain and the look! Now, with these products, no longer!!!! Good luck my friends. and... THANK YOU. Jane D