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The Mouth Ulcers Shop is a specialist online store developed for people who like myself suffer from uncomfortable mouth conditions that impact upon their quality of life. The most commonly experienced conditions in the UK adult population including gum disease (75-80%), mouth ulcers (20-30%) and dry mouth (15-20%). While the causes are often different and varied the conditions are themselves linked, so in simplistic terms once your oral health is compromised by one you are very likely to experience another. Professional guidance is therefore to treat the symptoms and where possible managing the underlying cause.

Established in 2004 this site contains a wide range of specialist oral care products that have been developed to treatment or prevent; oral inflammation, ulcers, wounds, lesions, oral lichen planus and dry mouth.

All products are purchased directly from the manufacturers and can be delivered to anywhere in UK, Europe and North America. We aim to provide a fast and personal service, and welcome any feedback that would help us to improve our service.

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