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Nozoil Nasal Spray 10ml

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What does Nozoil Nasal Spray do?

Lubricates And Moisturises Dry Noses Nozoil has a preventive function and protects the nasal mucosa with its lubricating, moisturising characteristics. Spray Nozoil into your nose repeatedly, whenever necessary.

Why do we get a dry nose?

Dry air makes it easier for all the mucous membranes in the nose to dry out. Low relative humidity does not simply occur in the winter. It also characterises air-conditioned buildings, aircraft and cars throughout the year. Dusty, particle-rich environments also cause nasal problems. Increasing age is another reason for dry mucosa. Women frequently experience this after menopause. Spending time in dry, particle-rich environments exacerbates the problem. Patients who undergo radiation treatment on the head and throat often experience problems with dry mucous membranes that are damaged by the radiation for a long time after the treatment.

How to use Nozoil Nasal Spray
Start by blowing your nose well. Then remove the plastic cap from the bottle. Pump a couple of times until the nasal oil is delivered in the form of a spray. This is particularly important before the nasal spray is used for the first time or when it has not been used for some time. Nozoil is an oil-based product. Avoid stains on wallpaper, walls and so on by pumping onto a piece of kitchen paper, for example, until the oil starts to come out of the bottle.
Put the tip of the pump into one nostril. Hold the bottle upright and pump two to three times. Change the direction of the spray so that the oil reaches different parts of the mucosa. Inhale at the same time. The oil leaves the bottle in a fine spray and not as a cloud of spray. Dry the tip of the bottle after use and replace the plastic cap. It protects the oil from air and foreign particles that could contaminate the contents.

Lactoperoxidase, Lactoferrin, Lysozymes and immunoglobulins which are all extracts of natural salivary components. Other ingredients include Xylitol, Fluoride, Whey Extract, Aloe Vera, Glucose Oxidase and moisturiser.

Does not contain alcohol, menthol or foaming agents. No side-effects of sesame oil have been reported. Sesame oil has been used for centuries to lubricate mucous membrane and skin without any side-effects being seen. Sesame oil is also used in many of our foodstuffs, such as cooking oil and margarine.

For hundreds of years, liposoluble drugs that are administered intramuscularly in the form of injections have been dissolved in sesame oil. The reason is that sesame oil is resorbed (taken up) so well by the tissues and is then broken down by the body's own enzymes. Recommended for people who suffer from Dry Mouth irritations.




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