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Bad breath: The symptoms, causes & treatment

Bad breath is a common condition experienced by many people. This condition may cause discomfort or embarrassment and could potentially be an indication of an underlying health condition. In addition to a bad odour, a bad taste may also be experienced in the mouth. If this does not disappear after a good oral care routine including brushing and mouthwash, it could be something more serious which should be discussed with a healthcare professional.

 In order for us to be able to effectively treat bad breath, it is important to understand what exactly causes it. A few of the main causes of bad breath have been explored below:

  • Bad breath mainly occurs when food particles stuck in between our teeth are left uncleaned, leading to them being broken down by bacteria. This breakdown releases bad odour.
  • Dry mouth may also lead to bad breath. Saliva production helps to naturally clean the mouth; hence, a lack of saliva can lead to an increase in bacteria and bad breath.
  • An ineffective oral hygiene routine can also cause bad breath. For instance, by neglecting the tongue during brushing, bacteria can easily build up around the tongue. By also neglecting interdental care, plaque and food build-up between the teeth can also lead to bacteria growth and bad breath.

Now that we are aware of the main symptoms and causes of bad breath, we can move on to finding the right treatment. Many of us are guilty of only using mouthwash to combat bad breath, without actually addressing more important steps in our oral care routine. In order to prevent bad breath on a long term, it is important to combine brushing your teeth, tongue, interdental care and reducing dry mouth all into one efficient oral hygiene routine. Below is a list of products which we have chosen specifically for you, to help you take better care of your mouth and to take a step forward towards a brighter and fresher smile. 

Tongue Care:

By combining Dr.Weider’s original tung brush and gel, you will be able to efficiently loosen and remove odour causing bacteria from the tongue, preventing bad breath and potential gum disease.

Interdental Care:

By now, it is widely known that interdental care is one of the most significant steps of our oral care routine. Are you still someone who skips this crucial step? Interdental care does not only help with cleaning in between the teeth and gums but it can also help with bad breath. To see our selection of interdental cleaners please visit: and to find out more about the importance of interdental cleaning please visit:

 Dry Mouth:

As explored above, saliva is necessary to keep the mouth clean. If you suffer from dry mouth, especially during the night, then it is likely that you are also suffering from bad breath. But fear not, we have a solution for you: Xylimelts. This remarkable bestseller is delivered in the form of discs which release xylitol into the mouth, a compound that has been clinically proven to stimulate saliva production, reduce tooth decay, gum disease and plaque, successfully contributing to combating dry mouth symptoms. To see our full range of dry mouth products and to find what product is right for you please visit:



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